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La Costarica Caffè

donna-la-costarica In the year 2000, building on a century of experience, a young, dynamic and highly competitive business enterprise was established, specializing in the BAR sector.
Costarica S.r.l. is the first Company in the Turin area to offer 24-hour around-the-clock assistance 365 days a year, providing store keepers with the owners’ phone numbers, thus consolidating the relationship between the Company and its customers.
The quality of La Costarica’s product comes as a consequence of the Messina family’s professionalism, aimed at constantly offering an exceptional product to their Clients – always.

By selecting the best raw materials, mixing them carefully, and roasting them by hand using qualified personnel – who love their job -, the Company can today offer the best possible product: a rich, delicious cup of coffee, sweet and pleasant to taste, giving coffee lovers the chance to appreciate this drink whenever they wish, in the quantity they prefer, with little fuss and no nuisance.
LA COSTARICA is today one of the most appreciated coffee roasting plants in the Turin area, so much so that their blend was the only one acknowledged and chosen by food critic Edoardo Raspelli and the people at Original Italy as one of the best products in Italy at the end of 2008. This reward came about thanks to several recommendations from Clients and confirms the value of the Company’s policies.

Do’s and dont’s for a good cup of coffee

La Costarica s.r.l.
Via Aosta, 21
10078 Venaria Reale (To)
tel.: +39 011 424 18 27
fax: +39 011 424 18 26

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  • Potenza
  • Matera

Hotel Potenza e Provincia

4 stelle
C.da Santa Caterina, 50
cap 85046
Maratea, (PZ)
Tel. 0973871966
Email: info@grandhotelpianetamaratea.it
Sito Web: www.grandhotelpianetamaratea.it

4 stelle
Via Nazionale
cap 85041
Maratea, (PZ)
Tel. 0973878007
Email: villadelmare@tiscali.it
Sito Web: www.hotelvilladelmare.com

3 stelle
C/da Chianizzi
cap 85038
Senise, (PZ)
Tel. 0973686735
Email: villadellago@villadellago.it
Sito Web: www.villadellago.it

Hotel Matera e Provincia

3 stelle
S.s. 106 Jonica
cap 75012
Bernalda, (MT)
Tel. 0835 745206
Email: info@hotelpalatinum.it
Sito Web: www.hotelpalatinum.it

5 stelle
Piazza Duomo 13
cap 75100
Matera, (MT)
Tel. 0835334358
Email: commerciale@palazzogattini.it
Sito Web: www.palazzogattini.it

4 stelle
Contrada Dogana – S.p.175 Km13,2
cap 75024
Montescaglioso, (MT)
Tel. 0835202195
Email: info@ortodilucania.it
Sito Web: www.ortodilucania.it

4 stelle
Via Pietro Nenni
cap 75020
Nova Siri, (MT)
Tel. 0835 536900
Email: info@imperialehotel.it
Sito Web: www.imperialehotel.it

4 stelle
Via Lido
cap 75025
Policoro, (MT)
Tel. 0835910144
Email: hotelheraclea@hotelheraclea.com
Sito Web: www.hotelheraclea.com

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